Fostering innovation in the Arab World since 2011!

The Arab Innovation Network (AIN) is a volunteer-run initiative that aims to foster innovation in the Arab World by encouraging youth to direct their knowledge, skills, and resources towards industry-relevant innovation.
AIN seeks to do this by:

  • Engaging with young people across the Arab world online and offline to generate enthusiasm around innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Working directly with industrial partners to set structured challenges for youth to address
  • Providing a unique transition for talented young candidates from university to employment, by working with partners to offer internships, networking opportunities and training.

AIN is a registered charity in the UK and a member of the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce. We collaborate with a number of reputable Arab universities and organisations in the Middle East and North Africa; and we have strong ties to international academic institutions such as the University of Cambridge.

With our annual conferences and widespread student societies, we have inspired youth in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, UAE, Egypt and Morocco; and gathered the support from partners such as Royal Jordanian, Aramex, BP, Etihad Airlines, HSBC, Shell, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Masdar Institute and the University of Cambridge. Through our sponsors and partners, we have so far funded 260 students from across the Arab world to attend our annual conference, AINAC and directly facilitated 8 internship opportunities. Amongst the internship participants was Eng. Layth Hamad, who is now a full-time employee at our partner organisation, QMIC, and has been further supported to compete at the Global Innovation through Science & Technology (GIST) competition, where he won third place internationally.
At AIN, we work collaboratively to channel youth’s energy to turn today’s challenges into opportunities.

Accreditation and memberships:

AIN is a registered charity in England & Wales (Charity No. 1155087) and a member of the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce.