Student Societies

Student Societies serve as a link between AIN and the Arab Universities with a goal to spread the culture of innovation amongst university students, and to expand the circle of innovative thinking. And we aim to enhance the culture of innovation and creativity in Arabian Universities through the role of Student Societies. This goal can be accomplished by creating a voluntary student society spreading innovation on the university campus, by creating informative and voluntary activities, and by creating innovation driven contests and challenges to encourage students to participate in student societies. Through such efforts, AIN’s vision of reaching out to innovative and creative students and integrating them in the market can be realized.

AIN Student Societies Cup

AIN is hosting the AIN Societies Cup giving a reward to the Societies that exemplify high levels of participation on their Campus :

1. Organize AIN Events Team on Campus

2. Host Mandatory &Optional Events to Enroll Societies Cup

3. Societies Representative(s) invited to AINAC

4. Participate& Accept AIN Societies Cup Award

Requirements to Start:

· Society chapter must be officially registered (signed agreement between AIN& University)

· Send email of intent to participate in AIN Society Cup to by the required date in the agreement.