Ghadir Siyam

Ghadir Siyam


  • Field of study: Industrial Engineer (undergraduate)/ Engineering Design (PhD)

  • Job title: Oil and Gas Industry, Development Engineer

  • Talent: Drawing, teaching

  • Achievements proud of:
    Academic: Publishing more than 10 articles and writing a chapter in an engineering design book
    Work: Support shaping more than 40 Oil and Gas mega projects since 2014
    Personal: Co-founding AIN in 2011

  • Favorite quote: Give a reason to succeed not an excuse to fail / The power of NOW

  • AIN position title: Website Developer

  • Personal Bio:
    Ghadir is an Engineer working within the Global Concept Development in the Oil and Gas industry. Ghadir did her first degree in Manufacturing Engineering at Ryerson University, Canada then completed her postgraduate studies in Engineering Design at the University of Cambridge,UK, in 2014. She specialises in Lean Manufacturing, data analytics, design of tools, and development of engineering concepts.

    Ghadir has many hobbies such as reading, traveling and teaching!