Muna Zarour

Muna Zarour

Head Planner for AINAC 2019

  • Field of study: BSc Industrial Engineering

  • Job title: Freelancer

  • Talent: Voice Over

  • Achievements proud of: volunteering with AIN for over 8 years now, managing entrepreneurial projects for Palestinian students, starting my own project named “7adoota” in purpose of children’s education

  • Favorite quote: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

  • AIN position title: Head Planner for AINAC 2019

  • Personal Bio:
    Muna is an Industrial Engineer, she was graduated from An-Najah National
    University in 2012, and she has more than six years’ experience in managing
    scientific and social programs for Schools and Universities in one of Palestinian
    Organizations named by AlNayzak Organization for Supportive Education and
    Scientific Innovation.

    Muna is one of active volunteers in Arab Innovation Network (AIN) since 2011
    and she started her journey with AIN family since its establishment. She
    managing AIN team as she was Head Planner for the annual conference (AINAC
    2019) which was held in Amman – Jordan on October 2019. Besides the
    volunteering, Muna was one of the competitors in the first conference for AIN in