Ala’ Sameer Alkhateeb

Ala’ Sameer Alkhateeb

AIN Challenges Coordinator

  • Field of study: Electrical Engeering

  • Job title: Electrical Engineer

  • Talent: Public Speech

  • Achievements proud of: 1. Acting as the President of multiple public speaking clubs and starting a new public speaking club
    2. Received a certification for outstanding academic acheivement from the University of Cambridge
    3. Joining the unique team of AIN volunteers

  • Favorite quote: “Be a stranger in this life, or a traveler passing through”

  • AIN position title: AIN Challenges Coordinator

  • Personal Bio:
    My name is Ala’ Alkhateeb, an electrical engineer with an experience in engineering consultancy and design, I am also hold a number of certificates in the field solar energy, and I am a member of an international organization for teaching the art of public speaking. I currently serve as a challenges coordinator in the Arab Innovation Network for the year 2019, and I chose to volunteer for that role out of my belief in the vast ability of the Arab youth to innovate and to distinguish themselves amongst others.