Nawah-Scientific Challenge 2019

About Nawah-Scientific

Nawah-Scientific is the first, private, multidisciplinary research center in Egypt catering for natural and medical sciences. Nawah is a core platform of high-tech research equipment that provides a multitude of services to the region through an online platform, a world-class caliber of scientists and a strong logistics network. Nawah was launched in March 2015 by a group of young Egyptian scholars who graduated from different top universities around the globe.

Who Can Participate?

  • Between the age of 18 and 35
  • Have an innovative solution for environment preservation, that is based on nanotechnology.
  • The invention should be: 1) Lab proven 2) Nanotechnology based
  • The invention targets a problem that is related to environment preservation (pollution, water cleaning, plastic removal, …)

Challenge format description

Individualsteams are invited to Submit a description about their projects and CV’s through AIN’s online platform. 

About the Awards:

The winner receives a full one month of training at Nawah labs in Cairo. Training is both on scientific and business aspects to help the team push their product to the market.

An additional budget of 500 USD of scientific services. 

*Prize does not include flight or accommodation. However, Nawah can help with low price options.


How will I know if I got accepted?

Successful applicant will be notified and will receive an acceptance letter by 18th Sept. 2019. 

Note: you will receive a notice if application has been declined.

Timetable of Challenge:

  • 17th September: Fill the online participation form
  • 18th August: Results Announcement 
  • 22th September: Registration
  • 3rd-5th October: Attend AINAC2019 Amman, Jordan