FinBloom Challenge 2019

About FinBloom Company:

FinBloom, is a Financial Management Solutions company that started its operations in 2010. FinBloom is built to help SMEs, entrepreneurs, and investors achieve their full potential in the following areas:

  1.  Access to Finance, Markets, and Human Capital.
  2. Sound Financial Management by providing the services of systems analysis, design, and architecture, implementation, accounting, budgeting, reporting, financial planning, and grants management making.
  3. Quality Assurances & Capacity Building by providing the services of compliances, developing manuals, financial and business modules, structuring, scaling and markets studies.

Is FinBloom Challenges for you?

  • For Individuals
  • Lives in Palestine

Challenge format description

Competitors should provide a creative ideas to help youth and women entrepreneurs deliver and develop their services and startup Business. The proposed ideas should be presented through conducting a Business & Financial Models in line with the nature of the proposed idea.

How to participate?

Individuals are invited to Submit a Business & Financial Model for his idea through AIN’s online platform.

About the Awards:

The winner gets a free service related to his project from FinBloom and a sponsorship to attend AINAC 2019 in Jordan.

The award is offered for Individual.

How will I know if I got accepted?

Successful applicant will be notified and will receive an acceptance letter by 20th August 2019.
Note: you will receive a notice if application has been declined.

Timetable of Challenge:

  • 20th July: Announce Challenge
  • 15th August: Fill the online participation form
  • 20th August: Finalists Announcement
  • 1st September: Winner announcement
  • 5th September: Registration
  • 3rd-5th October: Attend AINAC2019 Amman, Jordan