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Omar El Shaer

Website Developer

After going to The Cairo University School of Pharmacy, I am currently a clinical pharmacist with an unwavering passion for designing, video making, and web development i.e. adventures of the modern world!

For the past 5 years designing and web developing were the other face of the coin of my college experience – they have been lifelong companions, but they came to definite shape at this time – I was blessed to take part in a number of entities, and committees that proved challenging especially Enactus, TEDx, Sofraa, the student union, and of course AIN.

Defining my own experience with AIN feels inexplicable, because on mentioning facts, the real thing, the core, the quintessence somehow resists telling; it's too real for words. I look forward to the new encounters, horizons, and challenges offered every year – they are all accepted.

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