AINAC 2017

9th and 10th November 2017
AINcom | AINAC 2017

AINcom is an interactive exhibition that brings together companies and NGOs to promote their activities to AINAC attendees. It is also an open space for people to network.

AINcom consists of two 1.5-hour slots scheduled after the opening ceremony day 1, and before the closing ceremony on day 2.

For Organizations

AINcom is a platform for you to:
- Advertise internship and employment opportunities.
- Discover and recruit talented youth
- Promote products and activities
Join us today by having a booth. Spaces are limited.

The process to obtain a booth at AINcom:
- Register your interest to have a booth online by September 30th. Fill the form
- Wait for a confirmation letter
- Pay the conference registeration fee online by October 15th.

For more information, contact us at:

For Attendees

Don’t miss out on one of the key, exciting and fun sessions at AINAC 2017.
Join today and enjoy AINcom, a platform to:
- Engage with experts in your field.
- Explore development and career opportunities
- Network with like-minded individuals
- Enjoy creative and interactive games.

Register to attend AINAC today