AINAC 2017

9th and 10th November 2017
AINnovation Spaces | AINAC 2017

Innovate. Exhibit. Network.


Fully funded 2 months internship
at Qatar Mobility Innovation Center


AINnovation Spaces Competition is AIN’s most prestigious competition, designed to allow students from across the Arab world to showcase their ideas in front of judges and experts in various fields. AINnovation Spaces challenges student to come up with innovative ideas to solve health, environmental, and engineering problems. Ideas are not limited to solving problems only, but can be ‘anything’ that will better people’s lives and the world. Selected participants are invited to AIN’s annual conference (AINAC) to present their ideas. Our winner(s) receive a fully funded two-months internship at Qatar Mobility Innovation Centre (QMIC) in Qatar.

Is AINnovation Spaces Competition for you?

Are you an innovator with:
- A prototype that you want to showcase.
- A start-up looking for investment.
- An idea that could better people’s lives and the world?

If yes to any of the above, then the AINnovation Spaces Competition is the place to be!

Why participate in the AINnovation Spaces Competition?

- Great exposure and opportunity to meet professionals in various fields, and expand their professional network
- Receive constructive criticisms from experts, which interim, allows participants to further enhance their ideas.

Winner(s) receive a two month fully funded internship in Qatar, at one of the world’s leading research and development centre. The internship offered for 1 individual or a team of 2 people.

Who can join and what are the requirements?

- Arabs or any person residing in the Arab world with an innovative mind and bright new ideas.
- Persons with a prototype
- The team is 1 individual or a team of 2 people

How to Apply?

Submit a brief introduction about yourself and your idea by 1st September 2017. SUBMIT HERE

How will I know if I got accepted?

Successful applicants will be notified and will receive invitation letters by 7 th September 2017.
Note: you will receive a notice if application has been declined.

What are the requirements once I get accepted?

Participants will be required to submit the competition checklist accompanied by the required documents by 25 th September 2017.

Register to attend the AIN’s Annual Conference (AINAC) by 5 th October 2017
* Checklist and backup documents are to be sent to:

Who will cover my accommodation, flights, expense?

Competitors who require financial support to attend AINAC can apply for travel and accommodation grant. This is available only for one person per team. The accommodation covers two nights in a shared room.

Timetable of Competition

- Participation Application: 1st Sep 2017
- Invitation Letters: 7th Sep 2017
- Checklist submission: 25th Sep 2017
- Register to conference 5th Oct 2017
- Invite judges: 31st Oct 2017
- Evaluate your project: 9th, 10th Nov 2017
- Awards announced: 10th Nov 2017

About the Award:

The internship offered for 1 individual or a team of 2.
Fully funded two-months internship at QMIC in Qatar. Winner(s) will be given the opportunity to work with local professionals and have access to QMIC prestigious facility, to further develop their projects.