AINAC 2017

9th and 10th November 2017
Corporate Challenges - Smart Care Challenge | AINAC 2017
Smart Care Challenge

Fully funded internship at the Green tech Company

Who can join and what are the requirements?

Are you:
- A fresh graduate or a final year university student
- Have the knowledge and background about healthcare and Programming
- And live in Sudan
If yes, then the Smart Care Challenge is for you!

How to Apply?

Apply and submit your CV by 5th September 2017. SUBMIT HERE

How will I know if I got accepted?

Successful applicants will be notified and will receive invitation letters by 27th of Oct. 2017.
Note: you will receive a notice if application has been declined.

Timetable of Competition

- Participation Application: 17th Oct. - 26th Oct. 2017
- choose best candidates: 27th Oct. 2017
- Invitation Letters: 27th Oct. 2017
- Register to conference: 27th-31th Oct 2017
- Challenge Implementation: 1th Nov.-7th Nov. 2017
- Invite judges: 31st Oct 2017
- Presentations and Awards announced: 10th Nov. 2017

About the Award:

The internship offered for 1 individual.
Fully funded three-months internship at Smart Care in Sudan. Winner will be given the opportunity to work with local professionals and develop his problem solving skills, in addition to the potential transition to employment through the internship provided to the winner.