Omar Bishtawi

Omar Bishtawi

Website Developer

  • Field of study: Computer Engineering

  • Job title: Student at An-Najah National  University

  • Talent: Table Tennies

  • AIN position title: Web Development Team

  • Personal Bio:
    Exciting , Dangerous , Magnificent,enlightenment …etc . no matter how hard we try to describe our life experiences it’s nearly impossible to find the words to describe it, to describe the joy of winning country wide competition (STEP 2014,MADI),the proudness you feel when repressing your country (GES 2015),the strange feeling of satisfaction when helping people(Badir, young researcher,different voluntary work) ,when you offer something no one before you came up with anything like it (Exactly) and yet you can’t expect what life will give to you tomorrow and what you will feel or gain from those experiences .